Crystal Voyager Rhodochrosite, Vintage
Crystal Voyager Rhodochrosite, Vintage
Crystal Voyager Rhodochrosite, Vintage

Crystal Voyager Rhodochrosite, Vintage

Crystal Voyager
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“The Heart Authenticator”

ENERGY: Comforting, Harmonizing, Releasing, Strengthening, Playful

FOCUS: Connect with your inner child to heal emotional wounds and realign with your authenticity

The vibrations we project are the results of our systems of beliefs and the subsequent behaviors and energetic responses we have developed because of them. Many of these beliefs were instilled in us as young children, when our brains were moldable and easily influenced, especially by anything that triggered strong emotions. When things are not happening as we would like in our current realities, we need to identify what beliefs we are operating from that are responsible for creating these outcomes. With energy work we learn what beliefs are genuinely our own and in alignment with our authentic selves as opposed to those that aren’t that we most likely absorbed involuntarily as children. To do this we have to target the memories responsible for creating hindering beliefs and then reprogram them to result in different outcomes and emotional responses. This way we alter our realities because we are now projecting from these newly adjusted beliefs. Rhodochrosite is a stone that puts us in touch with our inner child so that we can undergo the process of reprogramming our most limiting beliefs that were instilled in us at this time. We reconnect with the innocence and purity of our authentic selves so that we can make choices that reflect our genuine values and needs.


Vintage specimen from an old collection.

Size: Approx. 1.25” x 0.75”

Weight: 8.7 grams


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